RSA and RSG Online Certificate Courses by Aot Broaden Work Opportunities

In the continent, around 80% of the adults participate in gambling of some or the other kind and that is why, the rate of gambling in Australia is highest in the world. It is believed that the NSW government gathers billions of Australian dollars from poker machines and all forms of gambling. Moreover, some of the companies based in the continent can offer their gambling services to the gamblers situated outside the continent that are called ‘designated countries’. Conversely, to work in the industry, gambling operators are supposed to acquire update certification from accredited educational bodies. For example, the online Responsible Service of Gambling (SITHGAM006A) course offered by Accredited Online Training (AOT) organisation which is recognized in Queensland only.

Need for License to Work in the Gambling Industry in Australia

Rules of taxation for the gambling operators in Australia are different in the six states of the continent. At some places, tax is levied on the overall turnover, sometimes on the loss of the player while at-times, it is placed upon the net profit. To offer services, it is mandatory for an individual to possess a license wherein, sometimes, the gambling operators need to pay certain as well for the development of the gambling business. A person having proper license can sale liquor and serve alcohol in a licensed premises.

What does the RSG Online Certificate by AOT all about?

The online Responsible Service of Gambling course offered by accredited online training organisation covers various aspects of the gambling industry and things like how to deal with them. Successful completion of the course is beneficial to an individual to increase work related opportunities wherein this online certificate course is recognized in Queensland only. Having this certificate proves beneficial to people looking forward to work in the hospitality industry. And as the course has got approval by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Queensland (OLGR), its successful completion helps to increase work opportunities.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

The Nationally recognized Responsible Service of Alcohol is mandatory for people looking forward to work in conditions and places where alcohol can be sold. A person can serve as well as sale alcohol, once the update RSA certificate is acquired by an organisation of repute such as AOT. The certificate course offered by the organisation covers topics such as different problems associated with excess intake of alcohol, several facts about liquor, things like how to deal with problematic customers, etc. and as most of the employers gives preference to those who have already completed the course, it is really good to complete it well in advance.

The best thing about the online RSA certificate (SITHFAB009A) offered by AOT is that, it can be completed in 2-4 hours and is recognised for work in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Northern Territory. All it takes is sufficient literacy and numeracy skills. Upon successful completion, a person can work as bar attendant, bottle shop attendant, room service staff or as food and beverage attendant. dewa slot online

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